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For twenty years emails have been boring, but now email has come alive with Sigwich. Our technology brands Outlook signatures, Gmail signatures, Yahoo Signatures, AOL and Hotmail Signatures right in your mail program. It is so fast and easy anyone can use it, even your mom.

Our live “Signature Engine”™ is world class patented technology that gives you the ability to be creative in your signature design!

How Can It Be Free?

We are supported by donations from our very happy Sigwich signature users and we politely ask users to use our personalized search homepage, (coming soon), powered by Google. You get the exact same search results as you would on Google, BUT we enable you to customize your search page with beautiful background images. We get a few pennies when people click on Google ads, and this helps pay our bills and the ability to provide you our great Signatures Free.

You can customize with your personnel preferences and look and feel. Our research has found that a lot of people are looking for something different than the same old thing that is out there now. Well we have it! And it is very cool! Here are just a few samples:

The History of Email Signatures and Email Letterhead

For as long as there has been email, people have been trying to add some character and design to their email messages. The first email signatures were very basic text only designs that left a lot to be desired for. That was followed by images combined with text, at this time those tacky animated gifs were all the rage! Spinning globes and animated logos lined emails worldwide. Then came SPAM FILTERS! They would commonly send your email to spam if you have these attachments in your email making them counter productive. To combat this problem EMBEDDED images were then used. This method did not last very long because the spammers figured this out also. The spam filters were then modified to stop all embedded images.

To further complicate these problems, Signatures have more issues depending on what mail program or webmail program you are using! And there are a lot of problems. And further you have to consider what Internet browser you are using! You can see why most people just gave up with the whole idea and went back to sending plain old emails.

Brand you styleIn the last five years many companies have tried to come up with solutions and technology to circumnavigate all of these issues with very little success especially across the different email programs and Internet browsers. The majority of these companies are charging a monthly or yearly fee for their service even though their email signature solutions have many issues and many do not work on certain email programs and browsers.

For the past 6 years the founders of Sigwich have been working on email signature, email letterhead and email stationery technology that could overcome all of these issues. After hundreds of revisions, countless testing and trials, thousands of programming hours and a small fortune in costs….. Sigwich is ready to launch and change email forever!

Sigwich email signature technology is second to none. It is the most compatible and advanced signature solution you can get anywhere. Sigwich works on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail and Outlook seamlessly. And it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

The Sigwich “Signature Engine” technology lets you create your customized email signature in minutes. The Signature Engine features a live preview of your signature as you build it. You have to see it to believe it, and you can, you don’t even need to create an account. Just click Start Now and you are in and on your way!

Best of all you can get your email signature for FREE. And that is always the best price!