How Can I Make an Email Signature in Gmail?

An email signature can do a lot for your business. Social media just won’t be complete without the use of email, and a signature that tells people where they can find you and what you’re offering is the perfect way to end an email-based promotional letter. The sad thing is that a lot of people actually have no clue as to how to create an email sign, something that is really easy and quick to make. This article aims to tell you what you need to know in order to enjoy the amazing benefits that using an email sig brings.

How to Make a Gmail Signature

One of the first things you might be asking yourself is, how do I make a signature in Gmail? Like all other popular email services out there, Gmail allows you to have an email sig and recently included fancy formatting and images in their settings. Back then, Gmail email signatures were in dull, plain text format—not a very exciting option for those who wanted something attractive. Thankfully, the people behind Gmail have followed the lead of other top email services and finally allowed subscribers to create lovely email signatures.

However, you have to remember, first and foremost, that you can only conjure fancy Gmail email signatures via the standard webmail interface. If you are still on the old one, find the link that would make you switch to the updated version; this should be at the bottom of the page or the footer. Click on this link and wait as Gmail works to reformat the page.

Now, once you’re done, check the Gmail email sig formatting toolbar. This is the horizontal strip that contains options for font, font size, bullet list, number list, indentation, paragraph alignment, quotation, to name a few. You may apply the format you want after you’ve figured out the kind of email signature you want.

One of the things a lot of people wonder about when it comes to making an emailsignature is how to insert an image. Take note that you can only add an image that’s already published on the web. It’s best to use something on your Google account. All you have to do is to supply the web address/URL to insert the image you want to appear in your email sig. Right-click the Gmail picture you’ve chosen and select “Copy Image URL” or “Properties” (it depends on the browser you’re using). A window will pop up; once it does, select “Address URL” and paste the web address on the blank field. Click “OK.”

While it’s fun to experiment with a Gmail email signature, remember that the most effective of email sigs are those that are simple and straight-to-the-point. Too much of something is always a bad idea, so don’t use too many options all at once or at least keep things clean. The important stuff you have to include are the following: your name/your company’s name, postal address, contact number, email address, and the link to your website. You may add your business logo or your ID photo, and special announcements (such as promotional offers and special offers). If you want to use social media as well, include a link to your Facebook page and/or Twitter account.