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Sigwich is the most advanced, simple to use email branding technology on the planet.

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be friendlySigwich works with the top email providers Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail and on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Sigwich is changing the face of email!

Sigwich puts your personality or business profile right in every email you send. Your Email signature will promote and drive visitors to your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other page you choose. Now you can customize your email signature with all of your important information and photos or logos.

Live links to your Facebook page right from your slick looking email signature. Got a Twitter account, then link it up and send your friends there to follow you. Show off your You Tube account videos with a simple click on the You Tube icon in your email branding.

Why send plain old emails when you can send beautiful customized emails. Sigwich has 6 different signature layouts that can be configured a thousand different ways, quickly and easily by you. Sigwich is so easy to use that your mom is going to want one!

Business Class Email Signatures

Email signatures for BusinessSigwich is Business Class! Just because Sigwich is easy to use and free, doesn’t mean Sigwich technology is only for fun. It’s for Serious business too.

Sigwich is compatible with the leading email programs and Internet browsers. If you use Google Apps Gmail for business, then you are in luck, we support that also. More now than ever, email signatures for business are standard for today’s forward thinking and brand focused companies. The added exposure, brand awareness and increased visitor traffic are invaluable to every business. The best part of all of these benefits is that it costs you nothing to gain all of this. Sigwich is free and you are already sending out emails. Put those emails to work for you!

Sigwich Social Icon links are also a very important and effective way to get your customers and clients connected to you and your business. Facebook and Twitter are very effective sales and marketing tools, but if your customers do not know you have pages there, then they are not going to do much. Social Networking is the most cost effective method for businessmen to increase sales and Sigwich email signatures gets you those results.

How Email Signatures Work

Simply create your signature in a jiffy with our Signature Engine with Live Preview then create your free account and install, that’s it!. As you add the features you want you can see exactly what your signature will look like, instantly. Once you are happy with your email signature click save and download your customized file to your computer and install it. Now when you open up your Gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail, you will get your signature automatically inserted into your emails! It’s really that simple!

free email signatures for outlook, gmail , yahoo, hotmail



What can my signature have in it?

You can have:

  • Custom salutation (ex. sincerely, regards, yours truly, etc.)
  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Cell Phone
  • Address
  • “TEXT ME” feature, enables text messaging to your cell phone.
  • Social Network Icons (We have over 40 to choose from)
  • Photo or Logo
  • Your personal Tagline
  • Email legal disclaimer

What Internet Browsers does it work with?

Sigwich works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Make your emails stand out and make yourself stand out from the crowd with Sigwich.

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