New Free Email Signature for Yahoo Mail Available

If you don’t know what an email signature is, it’s a kind of tag that is generally found at the bottom of an email. As its name suggests, it’s a way for the sender to sign the email. There are personal sigs and there are business sigs. Personal sigs may contain any random info, but business sigs need to be more specific in order to do their purpose, which is to increase traffic to the business’ website and ultimately make a sale.

These days, social media is considered the most effective of all internet marketing strategies. The advent of Facebook turned everything upside down. Blogging paved the way for micro blogging, and people now have the power to tell the world what they think of a wedding dress, a book on parenting, or a pending law. Everything seems to matter, from the brand of cereal you ate this morning to the cooling mode your air conditioning unit is set on at night.

More importantly for businesses all over the world, social media allows them to promote their products and services via virtual word of mouth. From status updates to tweets, real people can say their two cents’ worth about a new piece of exercise equipment, juicer, TV, shirt, facial wash, running shoes, deodorant, sofa, necktie, etc. they’ve just acquired. One single shout-out can make or break a product; studies show that PR representatives need to implement more intensive damage control now than they ever had to before.

That’s where a good email signature enters the picture, and that’s Yahoo’s cue to come to the rescue.

Yahoo is generally credited for making email popular, which is why a lot of people today trust only Yahoo to give them the kind of email service they want. For business owners everywhere, Yahoo’s new free email signature is something to celebrate. Promoting a product or a service can be brutally expensive these days, so for a powerful tool like an email signature to be free of charge is great news.

Yahoo mail signature is easy to make. As with other email providers out there, the sig can be accomplished via the account settings. The first thing you have to do is to log in to Yahoo. If you don’t have an account yet, it is imperative you create one before anything else. Next, click the “Options” link; this can be found at the top-right side of your computer screen. Scroll down and click the “Signature” link; this can be found at the right side of your computer screen.

An empty text box will appear. Here, key in the information you want your email signature to carry. Since social media is an integral part of internet marketing, it is highly recommended to include a link to your Twitter account and/or Facebook page; these two social networking sites are the most popular nowadays, so it would do your business good to enter these markets.

Once you’ve put all the information you want, check the box found beside the “Add signature” link. This will prompt all your outgoing emails to have the Yahoo mail signature you’ve just designed and approved.

Aside from free email sigs, Yahoo also lets you use a free email letterhead. Try to see which letterhead suits your business best. You want something professional-looking but not boring, something that’s fun but not too loud as to question your credibility.