New Hotmail Email Signature for Free

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of ignoring this function, resulting in countless missed opportunities to attract potential loyal customers and generate profit. Unknown to many, an email signature is one of the most invaluable tools businesses can utilize today. By using email marketing and sending out emails containing information about your business in the form of an unassuming yet effective email signature, attracting potential customers will become easier.

There are different email providers to choose from. One of the most popular is Hotmail. While the company has been around for a while now, not many people know that creating an email signature with Hotmail is actually for free. Wise entrepreneurs know that a feature this great must be taken advantage of; after all, it’s not everyday you find a worthy tool on the market that can be availed of without charge.

A Hotmail email signature traditionally appears at the footer of an email message, down at the bottom. A good chunk of personal email sigs contain the user’s favorite quotation, a precious photo, or the users name written using special effects such as glittery images or moving characters. While all of these are fun, an email signature must be written in a manner that will allow it to convey a professional appeal.

Thus, a typical email signature for business contains the company name, contact details (email address, phone number, fax, and local address), and a link to your website/Twitter/Facebook, if any. It is up to you to choose between a long or a short email signature, but experts do recommend going for a short one that’s both concise and interesting. After all, people in general don’t have that good a memory span, nor do they have a lot of patience to read too much info attached to the last part of an email.

But how can you make an email signature using Hotmail in the first place? The feature you’re going to need may be found under the Hotmail options or settings section. After finding this section, select the “Personal e-mail signature” link found under the heading “Customize your mail.” There are actually several ways to come up with a free email signature using Hotmail.

First, you can create your email signature by using rich text. Simply format the text you want to appear in your sig, include the related link, and insert relevant emoticons—these can al be found in the toolbar. Second, you can opt to edit in HTML; this gives you complete control of your email signature’s look. Third, if you don’t know any HTML, you can just go with good old plain text. Whatever you choose, you can avail of free email stationery. Now, create your email signature in the big box that will pop up. After you’re done, click “OK” and you can expect all emails sent using your Hotmail account will have the sig you worked hard on.

A free email signature can be your best friend. Just make sure that you don’t exploit it to increase your sales; most people get turned off by rampant promotional emails and mark them as spam. Be careful in what you put in your emails and wrap things up with a modest yet attention-grabbing sig.