Social Signature

What is a Social Signature™?

interact with emailSigwich’s email  Social Signature™ is a personal and business communication tool that really connects you to your friends, customers and associates and lets them know you better. Whenever you send out an email our Social Signature™ promotes you, your brand and your personality. We call this a “light social touch”.

Research and experience has shown that simple touches such as photos and logos help people create a more personal relationship in their mind. The saying goes “A picture says a thousand words” still rings true today, especially in today’s online community. Your photo makes you more real, even people you have never met can build a stronger relationship with you. An easy way to demonstrate this is with Hollywood stars. You most likely have never met them but if you were to run into them on the street, your first urge would be to say hello, without even realizing you have never met this person before! You think you know them in a large part to seeing them, even though you have never talked to them. So by adding a photo to your daily emails can really make people feel closer to you and more comfortable. This can be a game changer in business especially.

Even adding your astrological sign (coming soon), is a nice light social touch, helping build your online persona and a “contact file” in ones mind. Most of us have Facebook, Twitter, You Tube accounts, so let people know about them. Use your Social Signature™ to drive traffic to your websites and social network profiles and build your online persona and marketing potential.