Top 10 reasons to use email signature

Top 10 reasons to use free email signature in AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail

1. Free
The creation and ongoing use of an email signature is 100% free. That’s right. Users enjoy the many benefits for free. This is possible through donations from supporters and users across the world. Donations are 100% optional and not required. Keep in mind that this can be used as a Gmail signature, AOL signature and a Yahoo email signature. You can even customize it into your Hotmail stationery.

2. Easy to create
By using the Signature Engine technology, one can create an email signature with virtually no effort. As long as you have visualized the look of your next email signature, the system will walk you through the rest. In no time you will be on your way to using your new AOL signature, Gmail signature, Yahoo email signature or Hotmail Stationery.

3. Snazzy looking
Tired of the traditional email signature that consists of strictly text or pictures? This is snazzy and eye-catching. Your email receivers will be amazed at what you have done to your email. Create your own unique look that is transported to others via every email that you send.

4. Works with all common browsers
The Signature Engine technology is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. No need to worry that recipient may not be able to open your email in their browser. We thought of that and assure you that it is compatible with the browsers just mentioned. Create your Yahoo email signature today.

5. Works with major email providers
This new concept can be used as a Gmail signature, AOL signature, Hotmail stationery and Yahoo email signature. Transform your standard email signatures to something that attracts attention and offers a quality personal touch.

6. Interactive
Email signatures are interactive. Recipients have the opportunity to click on live links to your personal social sites. We offer over 40 links that you can customize to enhance the interactive experience of your email signature. That’s right. Your Gmail signature links recipients to your facebook, twitter, YouTube pages to mention a few.

7. Exciting
What better way to excite your email recipients then to offer them a glimpse into your social presence. Many times, we are inundated with our personal lives that we fail to introduce our colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to our exciting social networking presence. Those we care about can learn exciting stuff about us by simply browsing our facebook or twitter sites.

8. A light social touch
Email signatures offer a light social touch. Meaning that it is not a pushy or aggressive approach, but a simple invitation to explore the various links that we provide within our email signatures. Tailor your AOL signature to display a facebook logo that is live and takes the recipient to your page. Customize your Hotmail stationery to display a YouTube logo that is live and takes the recipient to your YouTube page. The options are literally limitless.

9. Increase social presence
Redirect your email recipients to your social networking sites. Create a larger social presence, which may enhance your productivity and professional growth.

10. Increase business exposure
Research has proven that people have a positive reaction when receiving emails and correspondence that are personalized, with either a photograph or something unique. The email signatures offer this opportunity. Market you and your business more efficiently.